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“Art is the Child of Nature” Exhibition

Nature has long been a muse for artists. Haley Farthing, Cathy Leaycraft and Donald Martin are three artists exploring the intricacies and subtleties found in nature with their chosen mediums.

The sensitive drawings of Haley Farthing depict tiny samples of nature, magnified to a large-scale, bringing our attention to the often over-looked. Her play with realistic organic representation versus the decoration of nature speaks to a contrast existing between the true state of the natural world and our influence on it.

Cathy Leaycraft approaches nature photography with non-traditional methods, employing a hollow glass sphere to view her subject indirectly. In doing so she is able to capture landscapes and natural elements in a way that appears other-worldly.

Donald Martin works primarily with the process of printmaking, giving the tools and traditions of the past a contemporary relevance. Likewise, his work portrays paradoxical parallels in nature such as the coexistence of beauty and loss and the interplay between abstract and recognizable forms. Martin’s work is influenced by personal experience with the landscape of Northeast Florida.  Exhibition Dates September 21- October 26, 2018  Images Left to right: “Untitled” drawing by Haley Farthing”Bamboo” monoprint by Donald Martin and “Summer Jewel” photo by Cathy Leaycraft.