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Gratitude To Veterans

The Museum was founded by the city of Ormond Beach and Ormond Beach residents in 1946 as a living monument to creative freedom and equality of all persons, and to commemorate the service of World War II veterans who fought valiantly for that ideal.

A monument on the Museum grounds located with the American Flag recognizes local soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. A bronze plaque inside the Museum lists all Ormond Beach residents who served in World War II, with an honor roll recognizing those who gave their lives.

Artists recently designed original outdoor tributes to those who served in the Korean and Viet Nam wars for installation in the Memorial Gardens.

In June of 2009, the City Commission of Ormond Beach voted unanimously to provide money from TIF (tax increment funding) to fund the commission and installation of two war memorials in the Memorial Gardens that serve as art in public places.

Korean War Memorial Model

Korean War memorial sculpture

Korean War Memorial Sculpture

The first sculptural memorial commemorated those who served in the Korean conflict. After reviewing artist submissions from across the country, a volunteer selection committee composed of representatives from the military community and the Ormond Beach community selected North Port, Florida artist, Mark Chew.

According to Chew, “I feel the memorial must make a strong, essential, simple gesture: to honor all veterans who served in the Korean War.

We will never forget the sacrifices made. The memorial will serve as an eternal flame. The elements communicated within the memorial will be balance, strength and reflection.

The memorial to Korean War veterans was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010.

Greg Johnson's Viet Nam Memorial Detail

Greg Johnson’s Viet Nam Memorial Detail

Greg Johnson’s Viet Nam Memorial

The second memorial was completed in 2011 and honors those who served in Viet Nam. It is located just outside the museum deck and is flanked by banana trees, bamboo, and a water feature. The bronze and granite sculpture was designed by Georgia artist Greg Johnson and commemorates the warrior who never returned from the Viet Nam War.

Plans are underway to continue to provide creative tributes to those who have served in the armed forces.

 Honoring ALL Who Served

A bronze plaque resides inside the Museum that lists the names of local Ormond Beach World War II veterans. The original plaque was donated by Claus and Elsa Wiedemann, Cincinnati, Ohio residents who wintered in Ormond Beach. This plaque listed the 147 names of the white men and women who served in World War II, twelve of whom are on the Gold Star list. (1,3) As was the custom of the era, a separate plaque commemorating the African-American veterans was placed in the old Reading Room–formerly located on the corner of U.S. 1 and Tomoka Avenue. After the demolition of the Reading Room, the plaque listing these seventy-seven veterans was lost.

In 1999, a twenty-five year effort by Andrea Hall, granddaughter of local veteran James Lewis Hall, culminated in the inclusion of the 77 names omitted from the original plaque due to segregation issues. These local African-Americans fought with the same dedication and fervor as their white counterparts and are now listed with equal status. The plaque truly reflects the spirit of sacrifice and freedom of all of Ormond Beach’s World War II veterans and helps to heal 53 years of social injustice. (2)

An additional plaque located outside the Museum on the west side of the property lists the names of three local men who gave their lives in service to our country in World War I.1

* Denotes Gold Star Recipient

Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens
World War II Veterans List
Almond, Fred Davis, Harold Hardesty, Homer McDonald, Frank Schmidt, Frederick
Almond, Judson Davis, Henry * Hart, Paul Pierce McGrath, Joseph Schumacher, William
* Almond, Jule Davis, Johnnie B. Sr. Henderson, John McMillian, Raymond Scott, Walter Edward
Almond, Pauline Davis, Oliver Hillman, Charles McNary, Burton Shiles, L. L. Jr.
Anderson, Lloyd Davis, Ruben Hillman, Louis McNary, Charles Simpson, Alston B.
Atkins, Joe DeGrem, Hubert * Hitchcock, Daniel B. McNary, Clement Simpson, Willie “Bob”
Avery, Beatrice Delany, Daniel Holmes, James McNary, Lawrence Singleton, Getchrell
Aycock, George Dills, Burley Holmes, Wesley McNary, William Smith, Artis
Baisden, Herddie, Sr Dills, Harley Horswell, R. B. Messier, E. Lawrence, Jr. Spivey, Lewis
Bassett, Doanld Douglas, Frederick Samuel Hosford, E. C., Jr. Miller, Corey Stanton, Paul
Bassett, George Douglas, Joseph Hosford, Robert Milligan, Doris * Sterthaus, George
Bassett, John Drake, Harold Hudgins, J. Pope Montgomery, William Sterthaus, John
Beach, Everett Durham, Russell Hull, Clyde * Mulligan, John Sr. Stewart, Andrew, Sr.
Beach, Leonard Edwards, William Hull, Ellis Murphy, J.D. Stone, Richard E.
Beach, Otto Eichstaedt, Edward Hull, Elmer Murphy, Robert Strickland, Woodrow
Bell, Donald Ferguson, James Hull, Hugh Murphy, T. F. Stuckey, Douglas
Bennett, William Florence, Thomas Hull, Melvin Murray, James Stuckey, Ernest
Bleekman, Oliver Fulford, Rosaland “Rowland” Inglett, Raymond Newton, Robert Stuckey, Ivan
Bowens, Clarence, Sr. Ferguson, James Jackson, Lucius Nordman, Roy Stuckey, Kenneth
Brantley, Dorothy Florence, Thomas Johnson, Thomas James Sr Oates, Marthia Sykes, Troy Lee
Bratcher, Jesse Gainey, Doctor II Joiner, John Oates, Newton Thompson, William
Brown, Clyde Gainey, James * Jones, Benjamin Owens, Royal Tillman, Oscar
Brown, Leroy Garcia, Aldo Jones, Lawrence * Pagh, William Trent, Henry
Burnette, Edward Garris, Russell Jones, Paul Pelote, Alfred Turner, James
Butts, Georgiana George, Benjamin F. Juniper, Kerrison Pickles, Cecil * Van Ness, Benjamin
Butts, Nancy George, Charles, Jr. Kemp, Herman Pickles, Robert Van Ness, George
Camp, Gregory George, Charlie Kennedy, Robert James Pickles, Virgil Van Ness Harold
Camp, Theodore George, Dooley Kittrell, Isaac Piqula, Jennie Van Ness, Joseph
Carnell, Darrel George, Emanuel Kittrell, James Piqula, John Vaughn, G. Franklin
Carnell, Fred George, Frank W. Jr. Kittrell, L. W. Postell, Andrews Wallace, Hester
Carroll, Marcus George, Hubert Kittrell, Lewis Postell, James Wang, Theodore
Cason, Donald, Sr. George, Manuel Kittrell, Melvin Powers, Albert Washington, Charles
Clement, James Cornelius Gilbert, Samuel Kittrell, Thomas Powers, Freddie Watson, Francis
Coleman, Cornelius Gist, Jimmie Knapp, Laurence Powers, James Watson, Willie
Coleman, Jobe Givens, William Knapp, Milton Rast, Gustave Wells, Charles
Collier, Marjorie Gordon, Clifford Laws, Joe Reynolds, Cecil Westberry, Darwin
Cone, Albert Gragg, William Lowe, John Rice, Charles Whitehurst, Cauley
Conegia, Willie Green, A.L Lyons, Edwards Robinson, Ernest Williams, Arthur Sr.
Cordaro, Dominick Grover, Daniel N. MacAfee, Jane B. * Rogers, Charles Ethbert Williams, Floyd
Counts, Smith E. Sr * Gullege, William Maddox, Herman * Rogers, Edward Keith Williams, Herman
Cushing, Donald Hall, Clarence Maloney, Harvey * Rogers, Jack Ellis, Jr. Willis, Clifford
Cushing, Russell Hall, James Lewis Maloney, William Romano, Andrew Winn, Robert
Cushing, William S. Jr. Halstead, Lyle Malphurs, Roy Ruger, Thomas Worsham, Jonathan
Davis, David Sr. Hamm, Henry Mass, Raymond Russell, Willie Worsham, Sherry
Davis, Grover Hamm, William, Sr. McCray, Oscar Charles  
1 Historical information for this website was obtained from the book Ormond-on-the-Halifax, A Centennial History of Ormond Beach, Florida by Alice Strickland © 1980 Alice Strickland. Southeast Printing and Publishing Company, Holly Hill, Florida, USA. LC Number 80-50573
2 Text and information courtesy of The Orlando Sentinel, Maria M. Perotin reporting. June 18, 1999.
3 Information taken from the program for the Dedication Ceremony sponsored by The City of Ormond Beach, Sunday, June 27, 1999, which was also the source for the list of names